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Essential oils, the basis of aromatherapy, contribute to the transformation of the body and mind. Their nature and origin make them pure and powerful, intensely stimulating the senses of those who allow themselves to be embraced by them. Essential oils are non-greasy essences of any of the parts of a plant: flower, resin, bark, root, shell, leaves or fruit.

artisanal process

With a still artisanal and mechanical extraction, essential oils are volatile fractions obtained from the plant by distillation in steam current or expression. In the distillation process, the drops of essence of a plant are obtained using an alembic. The expression method is based on cold pressing of the peel and is particularly used for citrus.

pure 100 %

100% pure and natural essential oils contain very powerful substances and must always be used with caution, respecting both the recommended dose and the instructions for use.

Skin: Dilute several drops in a base oil. The dosage will vary depending on the desired effect and the part of the body for which the oil is prepared. For example, use 3 drops of essential oil for every 10 ml. of base oil in the case of being used in facial massage; or 6 drops of essential oil for every 10 ml. base oil for body massage.

Bath: Add several drops of essential oil in vegetable base oil or neutral gel and add to bath water. The components of the essential oil are absorbed very quickly through the dilated pores while their vapors are inhaled.

Diffusion in the air: A few drops of the oil are enough to purify the environment. A few drops can be used directly on a handkerchief, pillow, doormat, etc… or a few drops of oil can be added to a container with hot water or to an electric evaporation device to achieve the diffusion of the oil by evaporation.

AROMATHERAPY is our holistic natural collection of essential oils that balance soul, body and mind through their natural assets and fragrances. Application of Pure Essential Oils:

- 10 drops in a diffuser of essences and / or humidifiers

- 10 drops in the bath water. Let yourself be enveloped by the fragrances of essential oils.

- 5 drops in steam inhalations: Boil water in a saucepan. Put the essences, cover your head with a towel and inhale or let the essential oils penetrate the pores of the skin.

- Add 3 drops to face masks for a holistic experience.

- Add 7 drops to body masks for an enveloping experience

- Natural air freshener with a powerful effect on the person: add 10 drops to a bowl of water. Boil water, put it in a small bowl, add the essential oils and in a few minutes the room will be exuberant with a delicious fragrance.

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