Natural cosmetics that promotes the beauty of your skin

Our facial oil formulas offer a sensory experience for all the senses. Its use reveals an olfactory essence with floral notes to enjoy a moment of pleasure and they also have a suspension of petals to offer a unique visual experience.


Also known as Vitamin D-like by restoring the functions of the vitamin D receptor, thus recovering the molecular network involved in the differentiation of keratinocytes. Increases the differentiation, cornification and renewal of cells. Stimulates the natural defenses of the skin. It is rich in oligofructosans from chicory, oligosaccharides that promote the synthesis of the main components of the skin (collagen) and limit the degradation of the extracellular matrix. Strengthens the skin barrier and its regeneration.


Stimulates cell proliferation, differentiation and production of extracellular matrix. It has antioxidant activity and regulation of cell senescence. calming effect. Skin lightening. Seboregulator. Helps prevent the signs of aging. Combat photoaging.

FLORAL ESSENCE aims to achieve healthy skin: reinforce the barrier function, increase the skin's natural defenses and combat photo-aging.

Its use reveals an olfactory essence to enjoy a moment of pleasure. The suspension of petals offers a unique visual experience.

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