Your smooth and healthy skin

Thousands of years ago, the civilizations bathed by the Mediterranean used plants and their saps to enhance the natural beauty of their citizens. Exploring and getting to know nature we find the great benefits it offers us for our health and that of our skin. Due to their comforting and refreshing properties, arnica and aloe vera have been used to treat problems associated with the skin.


Feel the deep hydration of aloe vera and enjoy its regenerative, soothing and moisturizing properties thanks to its high content of collagen and elastin.


One of the classic or traditionally used plants for topical use has been arnica to improve the appearance of the skin, irritation and slows down skin aging thanks to its antioxidant power and anti-inflammatory properties.

Its powerful yellow petals contain the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for which this herbaceous plant has become so famous. For cutaneous use, it improves the appearance of the skin immediately.

NATURAL BALM is our collection of holistic natural cosmetics that intensely hydrates and comforts the skin.

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