Feel nature on your skin

Planet Earth is a source of natural resources of extreme purity and quality with which to nurture ourselves in a respectful and controlled way to improve our well-being and the beauty of our skin.


The gold microparticles, thanks to their energetic charge, stimulate vital energy and delay ageing. The gold used by THALISSI acts as a defensive shield against the presence of free radicals, increasing the skin's defenses and favoring its resistance; which translates into smoother, firmer and visibly younger skin.


Diamond dust is a powerful skin renovator that counteracts aging. It acts as a gentle exfoliant that cleanses the skin's surface daily, triggering a cumulative tightening effect and restoring radiance to the skin.

EARTH ELEMENTS is our collection of natural cosmetics extracted from the depths of our Mother Earth, from her seas and oceans, from her mountains and caves. Nature in its wildest state formulated to restore light and smoothness to the skin.

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