Algae contain amino acids that smooth expression lines and provide luminosity. Rich in zinc and magnesium, they act as a protective shield for the skin against external aggressions. They facilitate cell function and renewal. Their antioxidant function makes them a natural anti-aging active ingredient. 


Algae were already used by man centuries ago. Greeks, Romans and Aztecs promoted its use in different fields such as cosmetics. Although it was not until the 20th century in France when the first laboratories investigated more about its cosmetic properties for the skin. 


Algae are rich in trace elements, mineral salts, vitamins and amino acids that serve to maintain the good external appearance of the skin, since they are directly assimilated by skin cells. 


Algae are a very heterogeneous group of aquatic plant organisms that produce an enormous amount of oxygen and are an essential source for marine life. Its use must always be respectful and controlled. 


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