Contains fatty acids and vitamin E to naturally moisturize and soften skin. It plays a spectacular role in cell renewal and regeneration. It is rich in antioxidants so it reduces and prevents wrinkles. Provides luminosity, elasticity and softness to the face. Its great regenerative power helps in the healing and renewal of damaged skin. 


The Argan tree grows between Tiznit and Essaouira, Morocco. For centuries, the Berbers collected the bones and ground their seeds to prepare an almond oil that served as the basis of their diet, and in traditional medicine and cosmetics. In 1998 UNESCO named the argan forests of Morocco as a Biosphere Reserve. 


The delicacy of the process is reflected in the light touch of this oil that transports you with its soft aroma and its golden color to the hot Moroccan afternoons and the gentle breeze under the shade of one of these leafy trees. 


The collection and extraction of argan oil continues to be carried out even today in a semi-artisanal way, making it a slow and laborious process. The harvest is harvested in June. Each fruit has a coated nut containing two or three seeds, from which the oil is extracted by cold pressing.

Did you know....?

A tree produces about 35 kg of seeds per year, which is equivalent to a liter of argan oil. 

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