The gold microparticles, thanks to their energetic charge, stimulate vital energy and delay ageing. The gold used by THALISSI acts as a defensive shield against the presence of free radicals, increasing the skin's defenses and favoring its resistance; which translates into smoother, firmer and visibly younger skin.


Cleopatra already used gold powder masks to bring light to the skin. GOLD helps in the ongoing reconstruction of the skin, achieving a redensified appearance and takes advantage of the benefits of stones and precious metals to maintain youthful and luminous skin.


Gold enhances the effectiveness of the active ingredients present in the composition. It acts as a "catalyst" for the rest of the processes, and acts as a "vehicle" for the rest of the active ingredients, transporting them to deeper areas of the skin. This is why gold favors the nutrition, hydration and vitality of our skin.


Creams, serums and facial masks with precious metals such as gold, which in addition to delaying aging, tightening and firming the skin, give it a shine and luminosity worthy of the ancient pharaohs. Gold, a luxury also for its beneficial properties: it favors cell stimulation, regenerates the skin, improves blood circulation and hydrates, leaving the dermis luminous.


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